We have been extending ACOOL to Taxi with a special model AT20-01.

It provides fresh airflow to taxi car compartments for dilution of airborne virus concentration up to 85%. Its cross-ventilation help to minimize the risk of both driver and passengers’ exposure to viruses.

Four main effective features:

  1. High ventilation power: rapid air exchanges replace cabin air about twice in 5 minutes with fresh air.
  2. Filtering: ACOOL is the first car ventilator to have an air filter to ensure clean air drawn in.
  3. Application: idle or moving, 24hours/365days.
  4. Environmental protection & chemical free method


Power Source: 12V car battery

Voltage:Rated 12V-16V

Fan: Blower fans, DC 12V/0.30A

Window type: Rear door

Weight: 2kg

Warranty: 1 year limited warranty


Email: [email protected]

WhatsApp: +852 6222 2838