How to (Literally) Drive the Coronavirus Away

In a new study, by Dr. Mathai and three colleagues at Brown University said that soar of ventilation rates and the influx of fresh air flushed many of the airborne particles out of the car could help keep both riders and drivers safe from infectious diseases like Covid-19.

It is said, “But cars come with risks of their own; they are small, tightly sealed spaces that make social distancing impossible and trap the tiny, airborne particles, or aerosols, that can transmit the coronavirus.”

The study suggested that the ventilation rate was lowest when all four windows were closed. In this scenario, roughly 8 to 10 percent of aerosols exhaled by one of the car’s occupants could reach the other person but when ventilation rates soared, and there was the influx of fresh air, just 0.2 to 2 percent of the simulated aerosols traveled between driver and passenger.

Source: Emily Anthes The New York Times Published Jan. 16, 2021 Updated Jan. 17, 2021