Temperature: Problems in your parked car

A problem for daily life

Every day, you have to live with heat and pollutants such as VOCs in your car. Even with a cool outside temperature of 24 °C, your car inside temperature can rise 10 °C within 10 minutes. And in an hour, the car inside temperature can be 25°C hotter than the outside temperature and VOCs can be 6 times higher. It is definitely harmful to you when you return to take a drive.

Why the temperature is so high

The glass windows of a parked car produce a greenhouse effect such that the solar radiation which enters the car is trapped inside, causing a sharp rise in the car cabin temperature.

Why VOCs concentration is so high

High in-car temperatures accelerate the release of VOCs from interior finishes. The hotter the temperature, the more chemicals are released. 

What have we suffered

Harmful to your and your family's health

VOCs can cause serious health effects in both the short and long term. Health effects vary from minor eye, nose and throat irritations all the way to liver and kidney damage or cancer, depending on the level of exposure.

Damage to your car

The UV rays and high temperature can damage and crack interiors including dashboard, steering wheels and car seats.

Excess fuel consumption

Rolling down the windows or running the air conditioner at high speed result in higher fuel consumption.