NO Recirculation of Air
Effective dilution of airborne viruses
more than 85%

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An original solution to maintain thermal comfort, air freshness and cleanliness in the car cabin.

Lower cabin temperatures

Cooling parked-car temperatures closer to the outside ambient temperatures.

Remove cabin aerosols

 Removing over 85% of pollutants, viruses & bacteria to minimize disease infections.

organic volatile compounds, particulate matters,
dust, fibers, mould, CO2, nitrogen monoxide, influenza virus, coronavirus, norovirus, heart & lung diseases, respiratory problems


Cross Ventilation

Pull in fresh outside air & expel cabin air out of the car

Air Filtering

Built-in air filter ensures only clean air drawn in

Custom Made

Perfect fit to each car

Power Options

Solar power or car battery

Automatic On-Off Controls

By temperature, light & car battery voltage level monitoring

Solar Recharge

Maintain battery level

Constant fresh air supply

Rapid air exchanges replace cabin air completely every 2-3  minutes with fresh and clean air.


ACOOL is the first car ventilator to have an air filter. PM2.5 filter efficiency ensures clean air drawn in.

Custom made

ACOOL is designed and made according to the dimensions of each car’s front/rear door window to ensure the right fit.


Ensure ventilation without windows open.

Three activation modes

For Car Battery Model Only

Solar- Automatic by solar power
Manual- Manual by car battery power
Smart- Automatic by car battery power

In module draws in cool and fresh outside air into the car to blow hot air out of the car through the opposite out module.

Solar Panel

Powered by a 50W solar panel, cross ventilation is activated or car battery is recharged. 

(Recharge for Car Battery Model Only)

Automatic On-Off Controls

For Car Battery Model Only

By monitoring the inside cabin temperatures, light controlled voltage and car battery voltage, it controls the on and off of system to preserve the battery power.

Low Battery Voltage Control

For Car Battery Model Only

Monitor the battery voltage and turn off the ventilation system when voltage ≤ 11.8V to preserve battery power.

How battery model automation works


Straight forward and simple with a few steps completed in minutes. There is no drilling, no trimming of sealing strips, no tinting, and no alteration.

ACOOL on Board

North America

Europe & Africa




It entirely fits with my car window. A new and comfortable experience to step inside the car eveyday!
David Yuen
Hong Kong, BMW 535i Touring 2012
The device works very well, cooling down the car quickly with solar power! When the outside temperature was 40℃,the temperature inside the car was just 45℃
David Maxwell
Australia, Hyundai Santa Fe 2007
So much better with ACOOL! Don’t need to get into a hot car anymore!
Elena Tse
Australia, Landrover Discovery 3 2005
Core Model 1801
Solar Model 1803
Car Battery Model 1904
Taxi Model AT20-01
Van Solar Model VAN21-02

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